Reporting back on CGAP’s impact 

What has CGAP achieved in its five-year programme?
What do its results mean for strengthening our society through giving, now and in the future?

Findings and messages from the work of the CGAP consortium have been pulled together in an accessible and attractive new summary. To obtain a FREE copy of CGAP Five-Year Review 2008-2013, send your name and postal address to Margo

CGAP is the UK's first research Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy. It aims to develop knowledge and engage with donors, charities and practitioners. CGAP is a consortium of British research institutions with three main research themes:

Individual and
Corporate Giving

People and companies in the UK give about £13 billion per year to charities. CGAP is studying motivations, trends and entrepreneurs.


Independent trusts and foundations in the UK make charitable grants of around £3 billion per year. CGAP is studying key issues in grant-making.

Charities, Social Justice and Policy

Charities provide many key services in society today. CGAP is studying fundraising, social redistribution, policy and culture.


An insight into the future of charity funding in the North East

With resources under pressure in a rapidly changing funding environment, how can frontline local organisations be effectively supported to build sustainable future service delivery? New research commissioned by Garfield Weston Foundation presents insights of particular interest to funders and policy-makers. Click here for the full report.


Philanthropists as change makers

Social media coverage and full seminar notes from the CCE/Festival of Social Science event, part of the Philanthropy: the City Story programme.  Click here to read the tweets and download the report. 

Latest News

Family Foundation Giving Trends 2014

The first of a new series of annual research reports has just been launched. Foundation Giving Trends, led by Professor Cathy Pharoah, has been published by the Association of Charitable Foundations, and substantially supported by the Pears Foundation. Click here for more information, and to read the full report.

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