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Sep 3, 2012 | Category: CGAP News

Charles Keidan, Director of the Pears Foundation, a CGAP partner and funder, attended the 12th International Third Sector Research Conference in Siena and gives his perspectives on the event as a practitioner.

The bi-annual ISTR conference is a major event on the academic calendar of sector researchers, and this year included for the first time a panel session on the links between academic and practitioner research activities. The session was chaired by Cathy Pharoah, and Charles Keidan was a panellist along with David Schwartz of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and Bhekinkosi Moyo of Trust Africa. Mutual practitioner -academic frustrations were raised as well as ways forward, and a link to a report on the discussion will be available in CGAP's next newsletter.

Charles and Cathy have also written a joint article for Alliance magazine on why it is important to have data on trends and patterns in philanthropic giving. Courtesy of Alliance (

Read 'Putting family foundations on the map' (pdf)

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